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The Museum of Sobron's Water

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  • The Museum of Sobron's Water
  • The Museum of Sobron's Water

The Museum of Sobron's Water

Water is tightly bounded up with Sobrón's history. The town, which is located by the bank of the river Ebro, lived glorious times back in the 19th century up to halfway through the 20th century for its former spa made use of water that contained mineral concentration. The creation of the museum is a way to honour an important part of the town's history.


The Museum of Water provides an unusual route that will make the visitors reflect on the importance of water. The interactive area combines new technologies with audiovisual aids that enable enjoying and acquiring knowledge at the same time.


The exhibition is grouped according to subject: "Lively water" -shows different states of water by means of visual and hearing aids-, "Water Science" -displays the connection between water and life-, "Healing water" -provides information about the therapeutic properties of water and connection with magic, superstitions and religions-, "Water and environment" -that gives advice on how to save water- and "Thinking water" -that is a human head of large size that displays the importance of water to the body.

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