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Santa Catalina Lighthouse

Certificado de Buenas Prácticas Ética Turística de Euskadi

Santa Catalina Lighthouse

Santa Catalina Lighthouse Interpretation Centre, which is dedicated to navigation, gives us the opportunity to place ourselves in the shoes of sailors who, lost at sea, finally see the beam of the lighthouse, which guides them home safely.


Thanks to the technological resources available at the Santa Catalina Lighthouse, visitors will be able to learn the basic principles of navigation, which take their roots in ancient times. They'll be able to put their newly-acquired knowledge into practice by taking a virtual boat trip from Elantxobe to Lekeitio.

This is the first lighthouse in Euskadi that can be visited.

Information of interest

Avenida Santa Catalina, 65 - 48280 Lekeitio
Opening hours

Mornings 11:30 and 13:00. Afternoons: 16:30 and 18:00. Visit duration 50 min.

Low season: Open on Saturday and Sunday morning:

High season (July, August and Holy Week): Open Wednesday to Sunday 

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