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Iesu church

The Iesu church is a catholic temple, with a modern style and minimalist design, built in the 21st Century. The building was designed by the architect Rafael Moneo. The building work lasted for four years, and was finished in spring 2011. The church holds a capacity of 400 people.


The temple, with a cutting-edge design, has a surface area of approximately 900 square metres and is characterised by its great height. Also, it is remarkably bright, caused by various openings in the roof which enable the sun's rays to be reflected onto the walls. All of the furnishings (the benches, altar, pulpit¿) are made from oak. In addition, in the basement of the building, a car-park and a supermarket have been installed.

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Avenida Barcelona, 2 (Riberas de Loiola) - 20014 Donostia / San Sebastián
Artistic style
Modern and minimalist
21st Century
Opening hours

Opening of the church: Working days 5pm – 7pm / Sundays 10am – 1pm
Guided tours: 12.45pm (only by appointment)
Parish office: Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm
Caritas: Thursday from 5pm to 7pm
Sunday Eucharist: Saturday at 7pm / Sunday at 12pm
Masses on working days: 7pm


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  • Conference Hall
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