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Landetxo Goikoa

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The farmhouse which was built circa 1510 is located in Mungia. Landetxo Goikoa serves as a model for other Basque farmhouses. By visiting the farmhouse we will be able to gain an appreciation of its architectural style and the complicated construction system that was used to build it. The farmhouse was the home of our ancestors, but do we know what their daily life was like? Tending to their animals, working the land, beliefs about the unknown ... We can enjoy all of this in Biscay´s oldest farmhouse, in Mungia. The Magical Farmhouse. The mystery and magic in everyday life The Eguzki Lore (dried thistle) hanging on the door, the swallow¿s nest on the porch, and the coal fire in the kitchen, the sickle, the axe, the horseshoe... These were objects that played a symbolic and magical role. What role did each of the objects play? As visitors to this exhibition we will have the opportunity to learn about the beliefs that revolve around everyday objects. The Baserri (farmhouse) was, and still is, a place where magic, myths and beliefs converge: an institution of paramount importance for the Basques. GUIDED TOURS Each tour is led by an expert guide. The tours are aimed at an adult audience. Languages: Basque, Spanish, English and French. Minimum of 12 people for groups. The tour lasts for an hour and a half. ADMISSION PRICES: · ¿9 per person Minimum 12 people · ¿7 per person Minimum 20 people INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS Tel. 946 740 061

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Landetxo Goikoa - 48100 Mungia
16th century


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