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Church of the Martyrs San Emeterio and San Celedonio

  • The interior of the temple
  • Exterior view of the church

Church of the Martyrs San Emeterio and San Celedonio

The Church of San Emeterio and San Celedonio is a rectangular temple with a single nave divided in three sections of increasing length towards the foot of the factory. It has a timber-floored portico that surrounds the building.


There are two entrances. The main Baroque entrance dates from the 18th century. The temple has one of the most outstanding Spanish-Flemish altarpieces in Bizkaia, only surpassed by that of the church of Saint Mary in Lekeitio. Of ostentatious architecture, the building is adorned with several scenes from the Annunciation, the birth of Christ and the cycle of martyrdom.


To mark the restoration of the building in 1991, important late-Gothic mural paintings were discovered. These are the first illustrations of this nature found in Bizkaia although unfortunately only a few fragments remain.

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