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Gerediaga Assembly Hall

Gerediaga Assembly Hall, located in Abadiño, is the place where representatives from the district of Durango used to gather to make decisions about important matters.


This Assembly Hall is, together with those in Gernika and Abellaneda, the official headquarters of the General Assemblies of Bizkaia, known for being the oldest parliament in Europe. It therefore has great historical value. You can visit both the Ermita de San Salvador y San Clemente, a chapel containing beautiful sculptures, and La Campa Foral de Gerediaga, the outdoor meeting area which still has the stone seats where for centuries each representative of the district sat. Various informational panels in Spanish, Basque and English have been installed in the Campa Foral, which feature illustrations from the painter Imanol Larrinaga.


They explain the history and evolution of the Assembly Hall in detail. Other highlights include the symbolic Roble foral oak tree and the cross which dates back to 1633 and which can be seen on the outside. The Campa is also in a lovely setting, offering wonderful views to the Anboto Mountain and the Urkiola Natural Park.

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Gerediaga Abadiño
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Monday to Friday: 10am - 8pm

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