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Arrietakua Palace

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Arrietakua Palace

The Arrietakua Palace was built at the end of the 17th century in the historic centre of Mutriku, one of the best-preserved historical and heritage monuments on the coast of Gipukoa. It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural (Cultural Interest Asset) in 1965.


Having great historical-artistic value, several sailors and navigators, scientists, Navy officers, engineers and respected politicians lived in it. Cosme Damián de Churruca and Admiral and ship builder Antonio de Gaztañeta were its most outstanding dwellers.


During the guided tour to this palace that was built upon the remains of the tower-house of the Arrieta family (“Arrietakua” in Basque), particular emphasis is put on all the women that contributed to the maintenance and transmission of the family legacy.


The Arrietakua Palace is currently inhabited by the Areilza-Churruca family.

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Conde de Motrico Kalea, 9  - 20830  Mutriku