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Goierri Mining Preserve

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Goierri Mining Preserve

The mining in the Goierri has been a very important in the past that has formed in a decisive way its scenery. The mining activity of the area goes back to the Middle Age then faced to the foundries of the nearby populations like Segura, Beasain, Zegama, Legazpi, etc. Nevertheless, it was at the end of the XIXth century when the new needs for the European iron and steel industry did that a much more intensive development was begun in these Preserves.


The most important mining preserves are the Aizpea Mining Preserve in Zerain and the Mutiloa Preserve, which extend its facilities of transport and storage towards the municipality of natural bulging authentic Ormaiztegi of its production, where Madrid -Irun railroad line, looking the profitability on the European markets.


The traces of this past in the territory, the elements and abandoned structures and even sometimes degraded, are parto f the collective identity of the society in those who are and that again one is a question of happening to be part of the active territorial framework as it happens with the putting in value of the Green Route Mutiloa-Ormaiztegi, railroad infrastructure in desuetude that has been re-turned into itineraries cicloturistic and trekking or the visits guided to the mines of Aizpitta that realices the Zerain tourist information office. 


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