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Sintonía arrecifal

  • Sintonía arrecifal
  • Sintonía arrecifal

Sintonía arrecifal

Sintonía arrecifal ("Reef Symphony") is the name of the "art and nature observatory-gallery" created in the Geranda quarry in Ereño. It is a land art project create by LePatafisicCabinet, made up of the artists Rober Garay and Alber Palomera, which features contemporary artworks in a venue packed with symbolism for the area.


The exhibition, which consists of ten installations, is inspired by the creatures that lives in the reef that ended up becoming, over millions of years, the famous red marble of Ereño.


By observing the graphic imprint of these creatures recorded at the bottom of our seas, their place in the fossil record and the different angles in the sections of rudists, ostreids and other molluscs, LePatafisicCabinet has created a dialogue between the ancient reef and our own time, perpetuating their languages forever in stone.

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