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The Sanctuary chapel of Oro

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  • Sanctuary of Oro
  • Sanctuary of Oro
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The Sanctuary chapel of Oro

The Oro crags are in the Zuia valley within a few kilometres of the locality of Murgia and on the edge of the Gorbeia nature park. They are high up, overlooking the valley, for which reason the spot has been inhabited since the distant past.


According to the finds by Jose Miel de Barandiaran and later archaeologists, different communities have lived in the area since the bronze age.


The origins of the chapel of Oro go back to the late 11th and early 12th century. The imposing building today has its origins in a Romanesque building, later replaced by a Gothic one.


Inside, the Byzantine-style "Andra Mari"-type statue of Our Lady of Oro, a 13th-century treasure, presides over a fine Baroque altarpiece.


Today, along with those who come to see the chapel of Oro, the area is regularly visited by rock climbing enthusiasts drawn by the fifty-odd routes on the enormous block of rock on which the church stands.

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