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Typical dishes and pintxos in the Basque Country


  • Snails


Ingredients: 2 kg snails
2 leeks
2 spring onions
1 chilli peppers
2 onions
100 gr ham fat
50 gr ham
6 sundried "choricero" capsicums
50 gr fried bread
White Wine
Water and salt


Leave the snails draining clean in a net over a couple of days in advance, so that they are clean before cooking. Once they are dry put them into water for one day with a lid on it. Wash them 5 or 6 times until they are completely cleaned. Bring water to boil in a pot and add the snails, the leeks, spring onions and the chilli pepper, together with a glass of wine, parsley and salt. Cook for ninety minutes. Prepare the sauce in a separate pan: Fry the chopped onion, ham fat, bread and the flesh of the sundried capsicums over a low heat. Use a food mill to make the sauce. Pour the sauce into an earthenware pot and add the ham, cut into cubes, and the snails, and cook the snails in the sauce for a further thirty minutes.

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