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Izenaduba Basoa

  • Izenaduba Basoa
  • Izenaduba Basoa
  • Izenaduba Basoa

Izenaduba Basoa

Izenaduba is a magical forest! Olentzero (one of the jentilaks or giants in Basque mythology), the galtzagorris (a type of imp otherwise known as ¿Red Pants¿), Mari (a goddess), the lamiak (creatures with bird-like feet), Basajaun (Lord of the forest), Tartalo (a one-eyed giant)...


Our main aim is for children to learn about mythology, nature and Basque traditions in a fun way, through these characters and the visit to the park, while at the same time being educational. Izenaduba Basoa is the first mythological theme park in the Basque Country.


We want to give children the opportunity to have an unforgettable day, while learning at the same time. This is why we designed Izenaduba Basoa, to be a magical place brimful with possibilities.

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Special offers

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* The Olentzero's Baserri

In the Olentzero's magical home children will learn about mythology and nature in a magical setting by playing interactive games and using new technologies.

* Outdoor themed attractions
6000 square metres of themed attractions (Mari¿s cave, the Labyrinth, Tartalo and the Sacred Oak...) for children to steep themselves in our mythology while at play. * 3D Simulator This is a unique opportunity for adults and children to enjoy a 3D experience. Guided tours: Guided tours for groups of 30-35 people maximum. Information in both Basque and Spanish. Audio guides also available in both languages. Tours for groups and school groups from Monday to Friday. Tours for all the public at the weekend, bank holiday and school holiday.


Landetxo Goikoa  - 48100  Mungia

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