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Mendexa Abentura Park

  • Mendexa Abentura Park

Mendexa Abentura Park

Mendexa Abentura Park is an adventure park in a natural coastal setting, in the locality of Mendexa.


Intended to be fun for both children and adults, it consists of more than 70 challenges in four routes, on which visitors can travel round the forest from tree to tree, using rope bridges, ladders and 21 ziplines. These circuits are designed to offer an experience suitable for the level, age and needs of every user and group.


It also has a demo circuit which all users have to complete to be given the necessary instructions and understand the Continuous Lifeline, an innovative system that avoids the need to open and close carabiners, making it possible to enjoy this adventure completely independently and in total safety.

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Leagi Auzoa  -   Mendexa

Phone:   +34 688 856 283Phone:  

+34 688 856 283