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The New York Times devotes “36 Hours” to San Sebastián

  • Kursaal
  • Tabakalera
  • The pintxo district in San Sebastián
The New York Times devotes “36 Hours” to San Sebastián
Culture and fine food play a starring role in this visit.
In its travel section, under the title “36 Hours in San Sebastián” the New York newspaper reports on the city, stressing the attractiveness of its landscapes, its buildings and above all its food.

Written by Ingrid K. Williams, the weekend begins with a tour of the city's architecture, looking at its buildings, among which the Kursaal is highlighted. She also recommends trying the pintxos on the Paseo de la Concha.

Saturday starts off with breakfast at Sakona Coffee Roasters, carrying on with an "irresistible" omelette pintxo at the Bar Zabaleta. She then suggests taking a stroll through the Gros neighbourhood and eating in the city's Old Town.

Williams stresses that the city has managed to reinvent itself as a cultural destination to become European Capital of Culture 2016. To enjoy some art she recommends a visit to Tabakalera, while for dinner nothing can beat a pintxo trail around the bars of San Sebastián's Old Town.

On the last day she suggests a walk along the promenade to enjoy the landscape around the city.

The cultural setting and the food are the main attractions for the American market, an increasingly large segment among visitors to the Basque Country.
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