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Azkuna Zentroa, candidate for the “Global Awards for Excellence”

  • Azkuna Zentroa
    Azkuna Zentroa
Azkuna Zentroa, candidate for the “Global Awards for Excellence”
The awards go to centres that work at the highest level of excellence, making the best use of their space or resources

Azkuna Zentroa multi-purpose venue has been nominated for the European “Global Awards for Excellence”, for excellence in its use of the premises and exploitation of its resources. The Urban Land Institute, which awards this prize, chose the Bilbao venue as one of the 25 finalists, among which the only other European centre is the Milaneo complex in Stuttgart, Germany. Formerly a wine warehouse, Azkuna Zentroa represents Bilbao's determination to reinvent itself as a city oriented towards innovation but without forgetting its past. While its exterior blends in with the city's other splendid buildings, Azkuna Zentroa, designed by Phillippe Starck, contains a spacious interior filled with surprises. Many of these are shown on 43 imaginative columns, the idea of the French designer, under the supervision of the Italian stage designer Lorenzo Baraldi. Features filled with colours and meaning that invite visitors to imagine and feel the infinity of cultures, architectures, wars and religions experienced by human beings over the centuries. It is precisely the wide range of cultural, gastronomic and sports options on offer at Azkuna Zentroa that also represents the diversity of the place, which welcomes and brings together people with different concerns under one roof, so fostering the beauty of diversity.

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