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The Basque Country shines with new Michelin stars

  • Azurmendi
The Basque Country shines with new Michelin stars
The San Sebastián establishment “Amelia”, and “Eneko”, run by the chef Eneko Atxa, gain their first star, while other Basque restaurants keep the ones they already had

The acclaimed Michelin stars, one of the highest forms of recognition in world gastronomy, continue to place Basque cuisine at the highest level. This time it was the San Sebastián restaurant Amelia, headed by the Argentinian chef Paulo Airaudo, and Eneko, run by the triple-starred Eneko Atxa, that were elevated to Olympian status in the world of fine food, according to the announcements at the gala held in Tenerife. The chef from Bizkaia province, determined to remain firmly linked to his roots, serves a nine-course menu cooked live in Eneko in line with his “Sutan” philosophy, for about 70 euros. Airaudo, on the other hand, "has revolutionised Donostia-San Sebastián with his restaurant, and managed to carve out a place for himself in this difficult location," according to the writers of the Michelin Guide. Other Basque restaurants continue to shine as brightly as they did in previous years' events. Atxa's Azurmendi, Arzak, Martin Berasategui and Subijana's Akelarre keep their three stars; in fact, the Berasategui group and that of Eneko Atxa hold a total of 7 and 4 respectively. Andoni Luis Aduriz's Mugaritz holds on to its two stars. Finally, there are 17 Basque restaurants with one star. In Bizkaia province, Eneko's new star joins those of Boroa, Etxanobe, Nerua-Guggenheim, Zortxiko, Mina, Etxebarri, Zarate and Andra Mari. In Gipuzkoa province, Amelia joins the group made up of Miramon Arbelaitz, Kokotxa, Mirador Ulía, Alameda and Zuberoa. Finally, in Álava province, El Marqués de Riscal and Zaldiaran continue to delight palates.

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