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Portugalete celebrates its 700th anniversary

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Portugalete celebrates its 700th anniversary 

The celebrations will take place in 2022, offering an incomparable opportunity to promote this destination everywhere. 

In a meeting held at the town hall, one of the topics discussed was cooperating with the Department to include the town and its attractions in the Basque government's tourist promotion campaigns.  


The town council of Portugalete, considered one of the oldest towns in Bizkaia province, is organising events to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the foundation of the so-called Noble Town by María Díaz de Haro.  


To this end, a committee has been set up with 18 members, among them seven representing the local authority and eleven representing cultural, sports and/or educational groups in Portugalete, among others. 


But this will not be the only body working on the big event; work groups are to be set up with representatives of grassroots associations and residents of the town.  


The elegant seaside village Portugalete is one of the most important urban areas in the left side of the Bilbao's river. As its main representative monument, the Bizkaia Bridge or Hanging Bridge -declared UNESCO's World Heritage in 2006- stands near the mouth of the river.

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