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The seafaring Basque Country on wheels

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The seafaring Basque Country on wheels

This is a nine-stage cycle route with the aim of reviving the country's seafaring discourse

“Euskal Herri barneko mundubira” is an initiative promoted by the Elkano foundation with the support of the Gipuzkoa provincial authority and Basquetour in order to get to know the localities in the Basque Country linked to the first circumnavigation of the globe. It will cover a total of 720 kilometres by bicycle over nine days to connect the places that share a heritage linked to the sea.


The places to be visited over this time have been chosen for their links to nautical history. They have also been landmarks, the home of shipbuilders and sailors who played a fundamental role in the history of voyages of exploration, making the Basque Country a maritime power at the time.


The route will start and finish in the same municipality, Getaria, the birthplace of the Basque mariner Juan Sebastián Elcano, who completed the first voyage around the world. The journey will be documented in order to make video presenting the route and show the public our country's seafaring history. Also, writer Ander Izagirre will complete the historical narrative with a travel book recounting the experience.

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