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Vampire Academy shot in San Sebastián

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    San Sebastián

Vampire Academy shot in San Sebastián

Scenes are currently being shot in Miramar palace and around La Concha bay.

San Sebastián is to star in some of the scenes in the television adaptation of the famous books for teenagers, a saga by author Richelle Mead that has sold over 8 million copies.


One of the key scenes of the first series was shot in our highly photogenic area, specifically at the Pico del Loro, the hill between the beaches of La Concha and Ondarreta.


In recent years the Basque Country has been the setting for many films and series. Bilbao, Mundaka, Getxo, San Sebastián and Zuaza have been just some of the locations chosen by directors like Alex de la Iglesia or Ángeles González-Sinde

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