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Birding Euskadi CC BY-3.0-ES 2012/EJGV/Irekia-Gobierno Vasco/Mikel Arrazola
Birding Euskadi invites you to come and see the vast variety of birding opportunities in the Basque Country. Visit the nine birdwatching areas, complete with visitor information offices and a total of 24 perfectly maintained birding routes.

The Basque Country may be small, but there are a number of interesting resources for birdwatchers. In a radius of less than 50 kilometres, there are three different bioclimatic zones: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and a transition zone between the two.

More than 60% of the species in the Iberian Peninsula can be seen in the skies over the Basque Country at some point during the year. The largest griffon and Egyptian vulture populations can also be found here.
Birding Euskadi CC BY-3.0-ES 2012/EJGV/Irekia-Gobierno Vasco/Mikel Arrazola
Euskadi offers first-rate tourism services and facilities designed for public use, including bird observatories, interpretation centres and well-signposted routes. The experienced staff at the information points are happy to answer your questions, turning a simple visit into a lasting experience.

Twenty percent of the Basque territory falls within the Natura 2000 European network, comprising special protection areas (Natural Parks, Protected Biotopes and Unique Trees), seven internationally recognised Ramsar Wetlands and a Biosphere Reserve, among other sites of environmental significance.

The Basque coast is frequented by large numbers of seabirds and cetaceans, providing nature lovers with excellent birding opportunities.