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Birding Euskadi

To avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger, exercise restraint and caution during observation, photography, sound recording, or filming.

• If you witness unethical birding conduct, assess the situation, and intervene if you think it prudent. When interceding, inform the person(s) of the inappropriate action, and attempt, within reason, to have it stopped. If the behaviour continues, document it, and notify the appropriate organization. If a law has been broken, use a telephone to notify 112.

Limit the use of recordings and other methods of attracting birds. Never use such methods in heavily birded areas, or for attracting any species that is threatened, endangered or rare in the area.

Keep away from nests, roosts and display areas to avoid disturbance.

• Before advertising the presence of a rare bird, evaluate the potential for disturbance to the bird, its surroundings, and other people in the area. The sites of rare nesting birds should be divulged only to the proper conservation authorities.

• Stay on roads, trails and paths; keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.

• Group birding, whether organised or impromptu, requires special care. Each individual in the group, in addition to following the general regulations, has responsibilities as a group member: Respect the interests, rights and skills of fellow birders, as well as people participating in other legitimate outdoor activities. Freely share your knowledge and experience. Be especially helpful to beginning birders.