Creativity, innovation and quality

The Basque Country is a land of discoverers, people always looking for something new, and their work is characterised by creativity, innovation and the power of a job well done. This way of being comes out both in industrial, artistic and craft products, and in those linked to design, sport and fashion. The quality, specialisation and creativity of Basque design are gaining more and more recognition, and Basque firms and brands are present on the most demanding international markets.

Since 2014 Bilbao has been a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, in the design category. In this way Bilbao is part of a group which already includes metropolitan design centres like Berlin, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Buenos Aires.

Fashion, jewellery, sport and more

Basque fashion and design labels like Skunkfunk, Loreak Mendian, Trakabarraka, North Company and Zergatik, present all over the world, are now international ambassadors for Basque creativity, as is the prestigious firm of Suárez in the world of jewellery or the sports brands Ternua, Orbea, Astore and BH, among many others.

Come to the Basque Country and enjoy a unique chance to visit the wide range of establishments and headquarters of these 100% Basque brands.

Fashion and design

Isabel Zapardiez Mercedes de Miguel Minimil Loreak Mendian Skunk Funk Zergatik Teresa Busto Ian Mosh Ixi Wood Boinas Elosegui Sophie et Voila Indi & Cold Uzturre


BH Bikes Orbea Astore Pukas Surf Ternua Axalko


Soulbask Eguzkilore Joyería Suárez


Muebles Lufe


The Basque Box San Sebastián