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Surfing Seasons

Surfing EuskadiThanks to the Gulf Stream, the Basque coast has a much milder winter than what one would expect at these latitudes. The Basque Country has a mesothermic type of climate, moderate as far as temperatures are concerned, and very rainy. It is defined as a humid temperate climate with no dry season, or an oceanic climate. Records of annual average annual temperatures in the Basque Country indicate that they are highest in coastal areas, around 14 degrees.

Although the summers are cool, it is possible to have short spells of very hot weather, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees, specially during the summer.

Even though autumn and winter are undoubtedly the best periods of the year in the Basque Country as far as waves are concerned, this land can proudly say it does in fact have waves throughout the year. Waves that can range from 1.5 ft. to 18ft in areas where the sea conditions provide surfable big waves like Punta Galea, Meñakoz, Mundaka, Playa Gris, Orrua, and Lemoiz.

The water temperature in the summer period is around 20 degrees, and although the winter is cold and it can snow on the coast, the water temperature rarely goes below 11 degrees.

The Basque Coast receives storms caused by low pressure areas mainly from the north and the northeast. This usually happens in winter, which is therefore the season when big waves are most common.

Surf indicators
Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Dominat swell NO-N NO-N NO-N NO-N NO-N NO-N
Waves (FT) 5 - 6 4 - 5 3 - 4 2 4 - 5 5 - 6
Consitency (%) 70 70 55 40 70 70
Max Temp 12 15 18 22 19 14
Min Temp 7 10 13 16 12 9
Water Temp 12 13 15 19 17 14
Wetsuit Winter wetsuit Winter wetsuit Summer wetsuit Summer wetsuit Summer wetsuit Winter wetsuit

Surfing EuskadiSpring is a time when northern winds predominate and waves have an average height of around 4.5 ft., although in April especially there can still be strong low-pressure areas that can generate larger waves.

The water temperature starts to rise and the daylight hours become longer, until there are 13 complete hours of daylight. Beaches are very quiet with few people on them.

This time of the year is ideal for intermediate-level surfers, as the sea in the Bay of Biscay does not hit the coast as hard as in winter and the average size of the waves is still bigger than in the summer, so that it is possible to enjoy some intense surfing in a relatively relaxed manner.

Surf schools begin working in a very relaxed atmosphere, both on the beach and in the school. It is an ideal time to have your first surfing lesson.


Surfing EuskadiThe summer always makes a sudden appearance on the beaches of the Basque Country, when the water temperature rises considerably and can reach 20 degrees. The beaches are filled with colour and a great atmosphere, and both sports and cultural events are everywhere.

The average height of the waves is not more than 3 ft., although if the summer is good they can be very consistent. The number of daylight hours rises to 16 and the temperature can on occasion reach 40 degrees.

With these conditions, this time of year is ideal for beginners. An initiation to surfing is guaranteed and both the waves and the surf schools are ready to give you your first surfing lesson.


Surfing Euskadi The surfing season of the year par excellence, with mild temperatures, pleasant water temperatures and the first instances of low pressure shaking the waves out of their summer lethargy and providing the first sessions.

With predominantly south winds during the whole period, this is undoubtedly the time to catch the best waves in the most favourable conditions.


Surfing Euskadi Waves can appear consistently 100% of winter days, but the weather conditions are the harshest, temperatures drop and the water temperature can descend to 11 degrees. On the other hand, the beaches and their waves are almost empty. It is the time to seek and find surfing moments to treasure.