San Sebastián

San Sebastián Tamborrada (Drum Parade)

Location Azpeitia, Donostia / San Sebastián

19-20 January

To the rhythm of drumbeats San Sebastián and Azpeitia hold San Sebastián festivity on January 20th, their patron saint's day.

The celebration kicks off on January 19th with music bands livening up the streets' atmosphere in the evening. At 12am in Gipuzkoa's capital Sociedad Gaztelubide society hoists the flag at the Plaza de la Constitución Square. For 24 hours the city becomes a festival full of drums.

The companies parade with their members dressed as chefs and soldiers of ancient times. The melodies of Raimundo Sarriegi sound in every neighbourhood until Unión Artesana association puts an end to the festivity by lowering the flag at 12am.

During the day, the Citizen's Merit Medals will be awarded, along with the Tambor de Oro (Golden Drum). About 8,000 pupils will participate in a different drum parade.

At 10pm about 20 groups of drummers will parade across the streets of Azpeitia in order to end up all together in the town square and play. Apart from Marcha de San Sebastián, drummers will perform pieces by Franzesena. Moreover, about 500 children will make up the tamborrada-txiki on a day that comes to an end with a parade, sokamuturra contest -people running ahead the bull that it is strapped so that the bull can be under control- and many other activities.

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