Cider season


16 January
1 May

As every year, in mid-January, the word Txotx! is shouted out to announce the start of the cider season in the Basque Country. The event makes possible to enjoy the new harvest of natural cider coming straight from barrels (kupelas) till April.

What in its day became a ritual to taste cider wine in order to bottle it up has nowadays turned into a gastronomic feast. Many cider houses open their doors to offer the typical cider house menu consisting of cod omelette, cod with peppers, T-bone steak, cheese with quince and walnuts. All of it accompanied by tasty cider.

According to tradition, every time the responsible for opening the barrels uncovers a new one, he shouts out Txotx!, and guests around the table approach the barrels to taste the cider. People are back and forth continuously.

About 70 cider houses are spread over 24 towns, most of them are located in Astigarraga, Hernani, Usurbil and Urnieta, but other towns of Gipuzkoa, even Bizkaia and Alava, are also home to many of them. Nowadays, families and groups of friends visit cider bars in order to enjoy the tradition and the natural cider.

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