San Sebastián

San Silvestre Races

Location Errenteria, Donostia / San Sebastián, Ordizia, Zarautz, Bilbao, Galdakao, Getxo, Güeñes, Zizurkil, Beasain, Azpeitia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tolosa

31 December

On December 31st several Basque towns have an appointment with the popular race known as San Silvestre. Festive spirit takes precedence over the competitive character, for which there is also room.


Due to its international level, the most important heat takes place in Beasain. Beti-Bizi association is responsible for managing it and the race covers an area of 9 kilometres. As usual, famous athletes will be participating.  The starting signal is scheduled for 12pm before the train station. Free registration. Only available until 10am.

The mass meeting takes place in Donostia-San Sebastián, though.  The heat, which is organised by Amara Kirol Elkartea association, recorded the participation of 1,500 athletes in the previous edition. This time runners will depart from Benta Berri at 3pm to cover an area of 8.2 kilometres with alterations in its itinerary. This is a traditional race where the winner is not awarded cash prize but a trophy and a voucher for sports equipment.

On San Silvestre day races take place in many other towns such as Azpeitia, Errenteria, Ordizia, Tolosa, Zizurkil and Zarautz.


Galdakao captures the interest of inhabitants with the  Circuito de Nochevieja Memorial Ramón Gil. The most veteran San Silvestre race of the Spanish State. Club de Atletismo Galdakao conducts the competition. The route is a 1.1 kilometre long urban circuit consisting of 7 categories.

Sodupe and Rekalde (postponed) have also important meetings. Cross de Andra Mari takes place in Getxo at 11am.


Alava is home to the San Silvestre of Vitoria-Gasteiz. About 1,800 racers are expected to participate. Federation of Athletics of Alava organises what has become one of the most important sports events in the region. 

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