Basque Country


Festivities to honour San Prudencio and Nuestra Señora de Estíbaliz

Location Vitoria-Gasteiz

27 April
1 May

Festivities to honour San Prudencio represent one of the most important events for Alava inhabitants.


The day prior to such a special day as this, the popular "Retreta" -military sound- is played by several music bands in the balconies of Vitoria-Gasteiz's Plaza de la Provincia Square. Next, a numerous Tamborrada -drums parade- is carried out with the participation of several gastronomic societies whose members, dressed as chefs, go down the streets of the Old Town and the town centre accompanied by txistus (Basque flute) and drums.


San Prudencio is held on April 28th. Thousands march in procession towards the sanctuary of Armentia to pay tribute to Alava's patron saint and his relics. Once the religious celebration concludes, those who have attended join in the fields of Armentia to enjoy the festive atmosphere.


The festivities last until 1st May, when there is a religious procession to the chapel of Estíbaliz. There, the potato omelette competition, Basque country sports and aurresku and other dancing competitions add to the day's attractions.

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