Alarde of Hondarribia

Location Hondarribia

8 September

On September the 8th, the Virgin of Guadalupe Day, the "Alarde" is held in the coastal municipality of Hondarribia.

The alarde is a procession that is held every year to celebrate the vows made to the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1639 in gratitude for breaking the siege imposed to the town by French troops. Thousands of participants group in many companies and participate in the parade that takes place through the streets of the borough.

The companies are made up of fifes; drum rolls, drums, rifles and a "cantinera" (serving girl). After touring the streets of Hondarribia, the participants climb up to the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, where an open-air dance occurs. In the afternoon, the procession takes place once again but this time, to descend to the town where the festival continues.

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