Basque Country

Santa Catalina Lighthouse

March, Basque Coastline Museum Month


1-31 March

This March is the 10th edition of the Basque Coast Museum Month, an event whose main objective is to promote and recognise the importance of Basque cultural and natural heritage, along with advertising the region’s museums and all it has to offer.


Throughout the month of March, the centres of the Basque Coast Museum Network will offer an extensive side activity-programme, advantages and discounts: family workshops, children’s games, special guided visits, day trips, screenings, guided boat trips, free entry, discounts, etc. As well as the topics addressed by the museums that are part of the network, the activities and contents will be varied, but they share the uniqueness and exclusivity of the proposals, due to most of these plans can not be enjoyed for the rest of the year.


For further information, check the activity programme as well as the need for prior booking or not and, where appropriate, the price, although most of them are free.

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