Activities in the Urkiola Natural Park

Location Bº Urkiola , Aramaio, Atxondo, Abadiño, Dima, Durango, Izurtza, Mañaria

29 March
31 December

Treasure hunts

Who am I?

  •     A treasure hunt to discover the identity of a secret character through the history and traditions of Urkiola.
  •     For all ages.
  •     Free activity.

The mysterious cloud

  •     A treasure hunt along a simple circular route that climbs Mount Saibi, in which you have to discover the name of one of the most unique meteorological phenomenon in Urkiola.
  •     From 6 years old.
  •     Free activity.

Self-guided route

The route of secrets

  •     Circular mountain route in the Saibi and Eskuagatx mountains, which shows little-known places of great natural and historical interest.
  •     From 8 years old.
  •     Free activity.
  •     GPS or Smartphone GPS application required.


These activities are offered all year round.

More information and bookings: urkiola.parke.naturala@bizkaia.eus / 94 681 41 55

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