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Unique landscapes, a climate to suit all tastes, everything easily reachable, a hospitable nature... And a long history of acceptance, struggle and understanding of the diversity that exists in the world.

Find out below about accommodation, guides, restaurants and so on that have specialised and earned the international Queer Destinations Committed seal of quality backed up by the IGLTA, the International LGTBI Travel Association, which shows how to provide the best possible experience for queer travellers and their own staff.



Hotel Domine


The Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao boasts 5 stars and an excellent location, just opposite the Guggenheim museum. It has 145 rooms and suites, a fitness centre and spa, car park and several halls and meeting rooms to hold events in. Breakfast is served daily on the top floor of the hotel, on a terrace with spectacular views of the Guggenheim and the river Nervión. reservations@ 944 253 300

Guggenheim Bilbao museum


The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, designed by Frank Gehry, is one of the 20th century's most ambitious arts projects. It has helped to regenerate the city and has become a symbol of the new Bilbao. The museum's programme includes both presentations of the permanent collection and top-quality temporary exhibitions, the combination of which gives visitors a broad, dynamic overview of contemporary art. informacion@ 944 359 000

Pepe Por Dios

Bars and restaurants

Bar serving drinks and snacks in the bustling calle Berenkale in Bilbao's old town. Open from Thursday to Sunday, it offers the chance to enjoy a vermouth or aperitif before lunch, and also to discover the night life of Bilbao, whatever your tastes. 661 773 100

El Balcón de la Lola

Bars and restaurants

This venue opens on Fridays and Saturdays until six in the morning, featuring DJs playing great electronic, dance and house music. It is located in La Vieja neighbourhood of Bilbao, along with many other bars with great atmospheres. However, El Balcón de la Lola attracts a variety of clients, as it is a mixed venue. The place is well-known in Bilbao. 944 163 673

Mangel Manovell


Mangell is a guide in Bizkaia province offering her services in Spanish and English. A Fine Arts graduate with a master's degree in Leisure Administration from the University of Deusto, she is passionate about her work as a professional guide, which she has been doing since 2004. 622 689 740

Radio Taxi Bilbao


This is an association of over 500 taxis in the Basque Country. It offers a wide range of vehicles to meet every request, with a 24/7 service. Both the staff of Radio Taxi Bilbao and more than twenty of its drivers have done Hospitality Meets Diversity training, in order to provide a good service to all LGTBI people. 944 448 888

List of self-employed taxi drivers


Here is a list of taxi drivers in Bilbao who have received Hospitality Meets Diversity training, with the aim of providing the correct service to all people belonging to the LGTBI community.

Feel the Adventure

Active holidays

A firm of mountain guides offering mountain activities and courses. The range of wine tourism options consists of informative guided tours in protected areas around the Basque Country, to discover their natural delights, distinctive features, their history and their culture and everything that makes them unique. They work primarily in the Gorbeia and Urkiola nature parks, but also in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and the Bilbao Green Ring. 669 014 699

San Sebastian

Donostia San Sebastian Turismo

Tourist offices

The San Sebastián tourist office is the centre coordinating tourist information in the city, the capital of Gipuzkoa province. Visitors can find out about all the attractive places and sites in the city. The office can arrange accommodation or a range of leisure options, including the San Sebastián Card for visitors, with which they can benefit from discounts on public transport, museums, restaurants and shops. 943 481 166

Dionis Pub

Bars and restaurants

A modern classic and an obligatory visit. Its walls bear the marks of the countless celebrities who continue to visit Dioni's year after year. During its long opening hours, you can enjoy breakfasts and snacks during the day, or nights packed with fun, music and cocktails in an unparalleled setting. A landmark of San Sebastián nightlife. 943 436 432

La Perla

Tourist activities

A health, beauty, sports and food centre in San Sebastián, in the incredible setting of La Concha bay. Experience true well-being in this unique place, where sea water is the means of achieving a genuine relaxation and toning treatment. 943 458 856



Bars and restaurants

Located right in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz, PerretxiCo is divided into two parts: the tavern, with show cooking and a pintxo bar, and the dining room where, as well as set meals and an à-la-carte menu, diners can enjoy some "picoteo" snacks. The establishment is open all day from breakfast to supper time. 945 137 221



A local guide from Vitoria-Gasteiz offering responsible, sustainable services in the city and elsewhere in the Basque Country, both on foot and by bicycle. Enjoyable, entertaining and fun routes to plunge you into Basque history, culture and customs. 616 203 656



A company specialising in tourist and cultural services made up of a team of young professionals with extensive experience, which stands out for quality, innovation, originality and constant improvement. They offer guided tours of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao, San Sebastián and the rest of the Basque Country, as well as other tourist and cultural services. 945 101 070


Tourist activities

A firm with over 20 years' experience in the field of tourism, culture, design and communication. Highly professional, exciting events, design, tourism and marketing. 945 218 178

Grupo Xabide

Tourist activities

A pioneering company in the sphere of arts administration. On the basis of ethical and environmental responsibility, the Xabide group works in arts administration, communication and proximity marketing in order to provide its clients with innovative solutions. The Xabide group is made up of Fideliza, which works to organise and advertise sustainable events and conferences, and Atelier, which focuses on socio-cultural and participation projects and services. 945 253 500

Mountains and valleys



AZALA offers the chance to stay in a natural setting, away from the noise of the city. Staying in one of its wooden cabins, among holm oak trees and farmland, listening to the tawny owls and gazing at the stars, is a great option for families, couples and groups looking to spend some down time together. 665 705 136

Lastoetxe Rural house


Lastoetxe, in the village of Meñaka, is an ECO-BUILDING based on a wooden structure with straw walls, following the principles of sustainable tourism, which cover not only its construction but also the way it deals with visitors. 4 spacious bedrooms and a shared area with a fully-equipped kitchen and a large, practical room. Ideal for coming with your partner, family and/or pet. 635 008 808

Gane Landetxea


A cosy traditional farmhouse from the last century, fully restored and refurbished with up-to-the-minute amenities and features. It is located in Barrica, close to Sopelana and the beaches. It has six double rooms with bathroom and garden, terrace and guests' corner with a fireplace. 615 741 034

Legaire Etxea


Located in Asparrena, álava, Legaire Etxea is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy nature. Both for mountain enthusiasts and those who prefer gentler walking routes, the house's surroundings offer a wide range of possibilities. It has large shared areas, a garden with barbecue, kitchen and lounge. 607 547 916 606 551 640

Tolosaldeko Turismo Bulegoa

Tourist offices

Tolosaldea is an area of Gipuzkoa province made up of 28 municipalities. The local tourist office offers the information you need to visit all of them: accommodation, bars and restaurants, leisure options and routes in natural settings, among others. It also organises guided tours of the historic town centre of Tolosa and the traditional market held every Saturday for more than 760 years. 943 697 413

Orozkoko Museoa


Housed in the Casa Palacio Legorburu, a noble 18th-century building in the main square in Orozko. A place to discover Basque traditions and culture, what our ancestors were like and what their customs and peculiarities were. Also in the museum is the Orozko tourist office, where you can get all the information you need to visit the area. 946 339 823

Zumalakarregi Museoa


The museum is housed in the Casa Iriarte-Erdikoa, a typical 18th-century Basque farmhouse, former home of the Zumalacárregui family. Today it is a landmark for the study of the Basque Country in the 19th century. It offers an introduction to the present-day Basque Country through a lively trip back to the 19th century, a time of major social, cultural, economic and political changes and the origin of today's world. 943 889 900

Osane Redondo


Viajera incansable, apasionada de su tierra, curiosa hasta la médula. Si deseas descubrir San Sebastián y el País Vasco y sumergirte en su cultura y sabores, si deseas convertir tus vacaciones en una aventura de conocimientos y diversión, cuenta conmigo. Guiando y mostrando estas tierras desde 2007, Diplomada en Turismo y guía oficial. Especializada en Turismo Gastronómico y Cultural. 638 862 798


Active holidays

Committed to promoting geotourism and environmental education, Ekobideak is a team made up of geologists specialising in different aspects of the field, the environment, sustainability and geological tourism. The team runs awareness-raising, education and participation projects. It offers geological walks and boat trips to discover the varied geological heritage of Bizkaia province. 666 857 761 688 627 242

Inguru Abentura

Active holidays

Inguru Abentura is a company made up of a great team of fully-qualified guides to provide a full range of leisure services related to outdoor activities, teaching sports and environmental awareness. If you need a guide for your adventure, don't hesitate to contact them. Adventure activities for all audiences and ages. 635 748 948


Active holidays

Sokan is the result of its founder's passion for the mountains and his desire to share his experience of nature. It offers guided trips to the mountains and activities including climbing, canyoning, hiking and so on, all with qualified guides to ensure safety and professional treatment. 635 748 947


Tourist activities

Enkartur was set up to promote tourism in the Encartaciones area and has an office in Balmaseda, where it attends to tourists coming to visit the area. The Enkartur tourist office provides tourist information about the Encartaciones area and offers a series of guided tours locally, as well as selling typical local produce. 946 802 976


Tourist activities

Nekatur is a non-profit association representing country holiday accommodation in the Basque Country. With the mission of developing, backing and promoting quality tourist options, it works in training, promotion, marketing and product creation, and to boost its members' competitiveness. 943 327 090

Basque coast

Hotel Nafarrola


This hotel is the perfect combination of nature and relaxation, historical heritage and modernity, right in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. It is a farmhouse that is under consideration as a historical heritage site, as it is mentioned in documents dating as far back as 1285. Overlooking the sea but surrounded by mountains in a natural setting, its rustic, minimalist interior and goes perfectly with its exterior, a fusion of history and modernity. 613 006 827

Sopela Turismo

Tourist offices

The Sopela tourist office provides tourist information for visitors to the municipality, the Bizkaia coast and the rest of the Basque Country. It also organises guided tours in the area and has a shop selling products with the Sopela brand. Beaches, geology, street art, architectural heritage and more await you in this locality. 944 065 519

Zarauzko turismo bulegoa

Tourist offices

Located in the centre of Zarautz, the tourist office offers all the information you need for a pleasant stay in the town; comprehensive material on places of interest and tips for visits. It has information about what to do in and around Zarautz, as well as a range of guided tours of both the town's architectural heritage and the surrounding countryside and txakoli wineries. 943 830 990

Mater Boat museum


The museum vessel Mater is the last big wooden-built Basque tuna boat, dating from 1990. After 13 years fishing, the Itsas Gela association decided to convert it into a museum focusing our fishing heritage. Mater is based in Pasaia bay and has become an authentic piece of living maritime heritage. An unusual EcoActive Boat with two aims: to tell people about sustainable Basque fisheries and to raise awareness f caring for the marine environment. 619 814 225

Crusoe Treasure

Wine tourism

Crusoe Treasure offers a truly different wine tourism experience in the world's first underwater winery, located off Plentzia. It is in an artificial reef twenty metres below the sea. The winery's own wines of different kinds are aged there in a way with 100% respect for biodiversity. 688 638 114

Bidatour Kultura & Turismoa

Guía turístico

Educational and natural archaeology around Hondarribia, Pia Alkain puts all her know-how into offering you an unforgettable cultural experience in the comarca (county) of Bidasoa. Guided tours, walking and gastronomic experiences to take you back into the past in order to better understand the present. 635 708 746


Tourist activities

Itxaslehor is a tourism consultancy with over 20 years of experience, specialising in providing a range of services: support, assistance and technical office for all kinds of tourist projects and products; specialist consulting; developing and drawing up strategic plans to boost and market tourism; promoting tourist destinations; and all-round management of tourist offices and other tourist resources. 946 195 861

Izkira Urdaibai

Tourist activities

The company that provides regular sea transport between Mundaka, Sukarrieta and Playa Laida. It also runs boat trips around Urdaibai to explain the cultural and natural setting of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Cristina is captain of the vessel Izkira, a graduate in social and cultural anthropology and also a guide to explain Urdaibai's heritage and ecotourism. 633 331 230

Rioja alavesa

La Casona de Alutiz


La Casona de Alútiz is beautiful, stone-built country holiday accommodation in Rioja Alavesa, belonging to Bodegas Alutiz. This is a typical cereal farmer's house and still features the local architecture with its 18th-century stone walls and wooden ceilings. Lovers of wine and wine tourism, landscape and nature can all enjoy a stay here, surrounded by vineyards. 945 623 337

Bastida Turismo Bulegoa

Tourist offices

The Labastida tourist office, located in the main square of this mediaeval town, provides all the information you need to visit the town and its surrounding area; natural and heritage sites; wineries, outdoors activities, accommodation, bars and restaurants, events and more. It also organises guided tours of the historic town centre and its two churches, as well as visits to wineries, tastings, active holiday options and more. 945 331 015

Bodegas Alutiz

Wine tourism

A 100% family-owned craft winemaker in Rioja Alavesa, where the family's three wineries can be visited, built at different times from the 17th century to the present day, to discover how each generation of the family has worked. 945 623 337

Bodegas Las Orcas

Wine tourism

A small family winery located in the municipality of Laguardia, Rioja Alavesa. Its philosophy is very clear: to show the essence of its vineyards in the wines made there, with innovative ideas but without forgetting hard work and family tradition. The winery is newly built, aiming to fit in with the new approach of the current generation of the family. 677 501 791

Bodegas Lozano

Wine tourism

Bodegas Lozano invites you to learn and enjoy wine in a privileged setting at tthe foot of the Sierra de Toloño. A winery that combines tradition with innovation to ensure a fun, entertaining experience for every visitor. Built to fit into the landscape, it includes a multi-purpose centre in the shape of a bunch of grapes, where its gastronomic classroom encourages food and wine fusions. 945 605 197 647 982 470

Villa Lucía thematic center of the wine

Wine tourism

Villa-Lucía is a place designed for visitors to enjoy, savour, experience and learn about the whole culture of food and wine. A place to discover, feel, smell, see and taste wine with all 5 senses. Latest-generation audiovisual effects accessible to everybody; virtual tastings of aromas, tastes and colours; the four-dimensional sensory experience entitled "In the Land of Dreams"; and the educational panels. All these help to make the Villa-Lucía inclusive museum a truly dynamic, attractive experience for all. 945 600 032

El Fabulista

Wine tourism

This winery is underground, beneath the birthplace of the fabulist Félix María Samaniego, the mansion of the same name in Laguardia. The winery, fitted out for visits, makes its wines in the traditional way. Go seven metres down to discover its three parallel, linked cellars: one for winemaking, another for ageing while the third is used for wine tasting. 945 621 192


Wine tourism

Enotaxi is a taxi service specialising in the world of wine. It offers tours of Rioja Alavesa, where clients can enjoy local wines, discover the wineries and vineyards and learn about the history and culture of wine. It offers a unique, personalised experience tailored to each client's tastes and preferences. 688 820 759

Thabuca Wine Tours

Wine tourism

Thabuca is a travel agency and tour operator specialised in wine routes and gourmet travel in Rioja and the Basque Country. It can help you plan your trip in order to discover the best of our land and have unique experiences. Committed to its surroundings, it follows environment-friendly policies and promotes responsible tourism, so contributing to local economic, social and cultural development. 945 331 060

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