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Places to disconnect in the Basque Country: spas and bathing resorts

Spa Perla
11th July, 2022
Spa Perla

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Nowadays we live in a constant obstacle course, we rush everywhere, we eat fast food to save time... In short, we want instant results and to be in many places at the same time, and we are not aware of the stress that this generates. As the WHO rightly declared, stress is the pandemic of the 21st century. Moreover, enduring such high levels of stress can affect our health.

That is why many people are increasingly opting to rest and recover from their routine during the holiday period. Wellness tourism is the order of the day, and it is not something new, as there have been spas in the Basque Country since the second half of the 19th century thanks to the fashion for the so-called "sea baths".

1. The origin of spas in Euskadi

Coastal towns such as San Sebastian, Zarautz, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Getxo, and Lekeitio were pioneers in the use of seawater for therapeutic purposes. With the resurgence of modern medicine in the 19th century, the first spas appeared, whose protagonists were the bourgeoisie and people of high standing.

It was tourism aimed at high society: bankers, aristocrats, monarchs, and businessmen mingled in the spas of the Basque Coast.

At that time, baths began to be taken under medical prescription, as medicine discovered that sea wave baths improved blood circulation and whetted the appetite in addition to cleansing the body.

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2. Wellness Tourism today

The custom of bathing in marine waters has been maintained in the Basque Country. Here you can enjoy the best thalassotherapy centres, spas and spas with pressure jet circuits, massages with sea salts and seaweed, and a host of health remedies.

If your goals are comfort and healthy mental health, read on!

3. Gipuzkoa


This spa is in the beautiful La Concha Bay, with panoramic views of the beach and direct access to it. A panoramic Jacuzzi, a labyrinth of sensations, an ice fountain and various types of pools and showers with different seawater treatments make up this wellness paradise.


It is located in the coastal town of Zumaia, on the spectacular Bay of Itzurun. It is located within the Basque Coast Geopark and has a 33º seawater pool, jacuzzi, waterfalls, counter-current swimming, and all kinds of relaxing and invigorating therapies.


The opening of the spa in 1804 marked the beginning of tourism in the area. Today it is located next to a large hotel and is equipped with the most modern hydrotherapy and spa techniques.


This thalassotherapy centre is located in the coastal town of Orio, in a privileged setting: next to the sea and surrounded by green areas. On the first floor, it has 6 pools with jets, geysers, currents, long etcetera. The second floor has 25 cabins for all kinds of massages, wraps, and other therapies.

4. Bizkaia


The Hotel Balneario Areatza is located in the middle of an almost unspoiled rural setting, in the beautiful Arratia Valley, in a medieval village in the town of Areatza. It is the perfect place to get to know the Basque Country, and also to enjoy a holiday of disconnection.


It is located right in the centre of Orduña, in an impressive 18th-century neoclassical building.

It has swimming pools and hydrotherapy services.

It is a spa with medicinal mineral waters from the Muera-Arbieto spring: underwater jets, sauna, spa, and wellness centre.


They are in the Carranza Valley, in a rural and peaceful setting. Visitors can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of its waters, and enjoy mud therapy, and its star service. Thermal pools, baths where the water gushes directly from the springs and a wide range of massages await you in Carranza...


This urban spa is in the centre of Barakaldo, dedicated to the care of the body and mind. As well as offering spa, beauty and massage services, you can soak in a barrel of beer or wrap yourself in chocolate at this establishment.


It is in a hotel in the centre of Bilbao. In this spa, you can enjoy thermal hydro-aesthetic services such as a Turkish bath, jacuzzi, body peeling, mud therapies, and other services. It also has a facial and body beauty area where they offer massages of all kinds.


This spa has an excellent location as it is in a hotel next to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. It has three different areas with hydromassage services, massages with essential oils and natural products, and a gym. It is perfect for disconnecting.

5. Álava


This spa is located in La Ciudad del Vino de Elciego and its peculiarity is that it not only uses thermal waters rich in minerals but also offers therapies with grape and wine extracts. It is a complex made up of the old Marqués de Riscal winery, as well as an innovative building designed by the architect Frank Gehry, which includes a hotel, two restaurants, a convention centre, and the spa.


It is in the capital of Rioja Alavesa, in the medieval town of Laguardia. It is a centre of more than 1,000 square metres where the priority is the care of the body and mind. In addition to the spa circuit, they offer all kinds of treatments based on wine and olive oil.


Ciudad Deportiva Baskonia is a wellness centre with aesthetic, hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and relaxation programmes. They offer facial and body treatments, massages, and many other services.

No matter which province you visit, in Euskadi you have a place where you can take a break and take care of yourself. Come and disconnect and reconnect with yourself.

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