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El Castillo country holiday accommodation is located in the comarca (county) of Montaña Alavesa, just 5 km from the Añana Salt Valley, one of Europe's most spectacular, well-preserved “cultural landscapes”.

Half an hour from Rioja Alavesa, this idyllic place offers you the chance to discover vineyards, ultra-modern buildings and charming villages.

This historic house also features a spacious living/dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen and a private garden covering about 1500 square metres, all fitted out for you to enjoy a pleasant stay in a natural setting.
Information of interest:
  • · Cosy spot
Services: Kitchen facilities / Garden / Meeting room / Amusement arcade / TV
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Address: Castillo Sopeña 5  - 01420  Erriberagoitia/Ribera Alta
Phone: +34 945362645 / +34 626106692Phone: +34 945362645 / +34 626106692
Capacity: 12 places
Record number: XVI00108