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 SANTA BARBARA Tourist hostel

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This hostel is situated in Urretxu, in the Alto Urola area, beside the river of the same name and at the foot of Monte Irimo. Designed to accommodate large groups, it has rooms for between 8 and 24 people sleeping on bunk beds.

Group activities and workshops are run, and it has a mountaineering library with maps, guides and the like.

As well as accommodation it offers a restaurant service.
No. of rooms: 0 for up to 4 people  -  3 for more than 4 people
Services: Dining-room / Meeting room
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Address: Santa Barbara auzoa, 40  - 20700  Urretxu
Phone: +34 943723387 / +34 675709247Phone: +34 943723387 / +34 675709247
Capacity: 40 places
Record number: BSS00017