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Hontzaextrem is a new concept about outdoor activities. It combines fun and adventure in a natural enviroment.

This has facilities to try three different activities in contact with nature:

- a forest adventure park
- archery
- tree climbing

It has 6 circuits at different levels of difficulty, designed for all audiences, offering entertainment as well as education and learning.

The easiest circuit is suitable for children aged from 4 to 8, including a 53-metre zip wire, while the circuit with the most activities has a 150-metre zip wire.

You can also join in Battlefield Live (laser combat), a combat simulation between participants armed with infra-red weapons, a system that doesn’t leave stains or mess up the environment.

Activities: zip wires, rope bridges, archery, tree climbing, paint-free combat game
Address: Oletako Bidea  - 48210  Otxandio
Phone: +34 633 468 947Phone: +34 633 468 947
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