Gernika-Lumo Market

Location Foru Plaza, Gernika-Lumo

1 January
31 December

A traditional market is held every Monday throughout the year in the municipality of Gernika-Lumo, in the plaza del mercado. More than 100 local producers gather here to sell fruit, vegetables, cheeses, flowers, plants, and more.


It is also worth mentioning that on the first Saturday of every month, between June and December, specialist markets are held; these include the Idiazabal cheese and Urdaibai txakoli day, the Gernika pepper day and the cod and Rioja Alavesa wine day.


This Biscayan village is above all famous for its special markets on the first and last Monday of October, specially on the last one, when the market and the festive atmosphere invade the whole village. The event attracts thousands of people from throughout the Basque Country.

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