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Getxophoto 2020

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Getxophoto 2020

Getxophoto photography festival opts for exploring and experimenting with exhibition formats and venues, largely public spaces, though without neglecting the usual venues. This is one of its main distinctive features. It sets out not to decorate Getxo but to use it to tell stories through specially-chosen images.


Making use of everything from building frontages to shop windows and including containers, bars, patios and other constructions, Getxophoto aims to bring different points of view to the public, and not just place photographs as works to be looked at, but awaken feelings around them: involvement, questioning, linkage between people and pictures, between residents and visitors.


Without neglecting local photographers, Getxophoto is determined to be an international festival while at the same time seeking active involvement by the community where it takes place.


As well as the exhibition, the festival has a strong educational component and hosts workshops, guided tours, presentations, film shows and talks.

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Place: / Getxo
Date: 03/09/2020 - 27/09/2020