International Putxeras Contest of Balmaseda

Location Plaza San Severino , Balmaseda

23 October

Within San Severino patron saint festivities, Balmaseda will be home to the traditional International Putxeras Contest on October 23rd.

Putxera is an emblematic dish consisting of beans, pork fat, chorizo and black pudding. The origin of this speciality comes from engine drivers of the railway that connected Bilbao and Leon. In winter, when the cold prevented them from getting out of the train to have lunch, engine drivers heated up their meal in a stew pot or putxera with the steam from the train motor.

The event was first time held in 1971 and since then it has turned into one of the most important traditions in the town of Bizkaia. Large groups of friends known as "cuadrillas" gather together in Plaza San Severino Square to cook putxera their way and under the supervision of many onlookers. Several prizes are given in cash.

Moreover, many other activities are organised for that day, including a popular meal, a procession, street music bands, an open-air dance, and so on.

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