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San Blas Fair

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San Blas Fair

Year by year San Blas festivity opens February. It falls on February 3rd and several towns scattered over the Basque Country honour tribute to the popular patron saint of throat illnesses. Two fundamental elements cannot be missing: coloured cotton necklaces and sweets dedicated to San Blas. As tradition goes, both of them must be blessed before the saint's statue and the necklace must be worn around the neck for the subsequent 9 days and burnt afterwards so that the saint will protect them against throat illnesses.



Apart from the festivity's spiritual sense San Blas preserves a more rural touch in the Basque Country. In fact, many Basque towns celebrate the day with agricultural and cattle fairs dedicated to the patron saint. Laudio will host a festival brimful of activities: display and sale of agricultural produce and artisan products, rural sports, the black pudding making process, dance performances and musical entertainment, a tribute to the local baserritarras (farmers) and there will be chestnut tastings... One of the highlights of the day will be the burning and the scraping of the pig (during the pig slaughter). As part of the festival a Txarripatas (pigs trotters) Gastronomic Competition is also going to be held.


Besides, several towns from Deba region such as Eibar, Soraluze and Elgoibar, among many others, cook delicious San Blas tarts. But without any doubt, San Blas tradition is widely spread in Bizkaia.


Abadiño is witness to hundreds of onlookers and inhabitants who attend the agricultural, cattle and craftwork fairs. Apart from enjoying the cattle, all those who approach Durangaldea region will have the opportunity to buy vegetables, fruit, cheese, txakoli white wine, bread, honey, plants and handicrafts. If this is not enough, the little ones will be delighted with herri kirolak (rural sports), bertso shows (Basque extemporary composed songs) and stone dragging by oxen. 


Other towns in Biscay such as Barrika or the neighbourhood of Axpe, Busturia, also pay tribute to San Blas.

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Date: 03/02/2023