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Christmas in San Sebastian

Christmas in San Sebastian

As every year, Christmas is felt in all the streets and squares of San Sebastián. The city becomes busy and many activities are arranged to celebrate the special dates.


Santo Tomás Fair


Rural atmosphere reigns in Santo Tomás Fair, where every year thousands of people meet in Gipuzkoa's capital city. The day programme includes an animal exhibition and several contests. Agricultural produce of top quality will be on display.


Craft fair


The children will enjoy PIN; meanwhile, the adults will have the opportunity to approach the Christmas market in San Sebastián. Urumea Pasealekua and Santa Katalina Square are filled with the culture of the city: tradition, history, handicrafts, food and drink. There is also a tent where a range of activities, workshops and shows take place.


Another option is to approach Urdaneta and Reyes Católicos Streets in order to do their shopping in the Artisan Fair that every year Lur association is responsible for arranging. The collective consists of Artisans from Gipuzkoa who work on leather, paper, glass or wood. Stands will be displaying ceramics, jewellery, toys, soap, runners, clothes, and so on. From 18th December to 5th January.


Olentzero and the Three Wise Men


Monday, December 24th, is a very special day for the little ones. That is the moment when Olentzero comes down from the mountain and travels through the city accompanied by his crew sharing out sweets and little bags containing sugar coal. Dance and music procession will reach the Boulevard, where the children will welcome Olentzero with their letters. The arrival of the Three Wise Men to the city marks the end of Christmas time. In the evening of January 5th the three kings reach San Sebastián harbour by sea. Once at the City Hall they will welcome the children before parading through the city sharing out sweets accompanied by floats and animals to end up in the Boulevard.


San Silvestre, a massively-attended race


The sportiest citizens await San Silvestre race with illusion, which covers 7,800 metres through the San Sebastián city centre the last day of the year. What is more, San Silvestre means a festive show due to the play atmosphere in which it is developed.

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