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Pintxo tasting in Gros, San Sebastian

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Pintxo tasting in Gros, San Sebastian

The Kursaal and La Zurriola beach are the main attractions of this residential district of San Sebastián. After a visit to the conference centre or the beach in the Gros neighbourhood, nothing could be better than getting your strength back with the classic pintxos served in the bars there.

Highlights among these include the Bergara (General Arteche 8), with a wide range of pintxos, especially the Txalupa. The Hidalgo 56 (at Paseo Colon 15) with its typical volcano of black pudding with egg yolk, raisins and apple, or the Iraeta (Padre Larroca 2) with a wide variety of pintxos, where you have to try the liver pâtés, prepared in various different ways.
And don't forget Calle Peña y Goñi, where you can find the Bodegon Donostiarra with its Bonito "completo" with anchovies and gilda (chilli pepper, olive, etc.); together with the Lobo this makes up one of the liveliest areas of Gros.

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