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3 perfect options for this spring

Isuntza beach
24th March, 2023
Isuntza beach

Nature Plans Mountains and Valleys

Did you know there are two equinoxes a year?

This is a phenomenon that happens every six months, when day and night last exactly the same time, as the sun falls directly on the earth's equator. In ancient times it was a very important festivity in the calendars of many places. In the Basque Country it was celebrated with a range of rituals to welcome in the autumn and spring properly.

We now also know that spring affects the blood! When this season comes along the good weather arrives in the Basque Country, with more hours of sunlight, encouraging us to make more plans and get out to visit new places. So put on some comfortable clothes and choose one of these 3 routes we propose for a memorable day out.

1. Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir

Inland beaches in the Basque Country 

Just 10 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz is Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir, a natural paradise for you to visit any way you want: on foot or by bicycle. 

The route begins on Garaio beach and runs for 13 kilometres around the reservoir, either walking or cycling. Very close to the beach there is a car park where you can leave your vehicle. Before starting out you can also go along to the information office where they can tell you everything you want to know about the route. 

The path is practically flat, ideal for doing with the family

To round off the route, we recommend a visit to the Mendixur bird park, where you can see the life that exists around this reservoir. Don't forget your binoculars!

Find out more about the experience here.

Ullíbarri-Gamboa Reservoir
Ullíbarri-Gamboa Reservoir

2. Route along the Lea trail

A route packed with history, between land and sea

The river Lea trail is 23 km long, and while there are some slopes it is not very difficult. You can set out from Munitibar and end in Lekeitio. Along the way you'll discover landscapes packed with history, including shipyards, ironworks, mills and a series of places where time seems to stand still. The route passes through attractive country localities like Aulesti, Gizaburuaga, Amoroto and Mendexa. On the path you'll come across nosey neighbours including goats, chickens, friendly dogs and horses, among others. 

Before setting out you can go to the Bengola visitor centre in Munitibar, on the slopes of the mountain of Oiz, where you can find out how clean energies are used today but also in the past, especially in mills and ironworks.

The route ends in Lekeitio, a beautiful fishing town where you can enjoy a stroll along the beach, around the harbour or in the old town, as well as trying some fresh fish in one of its traditional restaurants. 

If the 23-kilometre trail looks too long to you, you can just do part of it. Lots of information about the route here.

Port of Lekeitio
Port of Lekeitio

3. From Bergara to Antzuola

Nature and art 

You can begin the route in the old town of Bergara with a visit to the church of San Pedro, the Royal Seminary, the Casa Ondartza, the Casa Jauregi and the Palace of Egino-Mallea. 

After looking round the old town, take the route of the former Vasco-Navarro railway line to set off for Antzuola. The route runs between mountains and forests with some spectacular views. 

To round off the outing, visit the church of Uzarraga in Antzuola, one of the oldest in the Basque Country. 

Find out more about the route here


If you liked these routes, here we offer you more than 100 ideas we've put together for you. Choose your next adventure! So how are you going to celebrate the spring equinox?



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