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Vista Alegre Bullring

Vista Alegre Bullring

This first class bullring was inaugurated in 1962, it belongs to the city council of Bilbao and La Misericordia.

It holds 14.700 people. The main series of bullfights take place during the Semana Grande de Bilbao (Bilbao's Great Week), around the middle of August. Another series of bullfights take place in this ring to commemorate the Club Taurino and Bilbao's anniversary. The bullring is equipped with cushions, lighting, music band, bar and pedlars during the event. Tickets can be ordered by phone.

There is also a museum about the bullfighting tradition in Bilbao (see file). Furthermore, other spectacles are held in this bullring such as multiple concerts.

Vista Alegre is a first class bullring that witnesses the best bullfights taking place in the Basque Autonomous Region.
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Category: First
Capacity: 14700
Address: Martín Agüero, 1. Bilbao  - 48012  Bilbao
Phone: +34 944 448 698Phone: +34 944 448 698
Fax: 944 102 474