Activities in the Gorbeia Natural Park

Location Termino Lekanda, s/n, Areatza, Artea, Orozko, Urkabustaiz, Zeanuri, Zeberio, Zigoitia, Zuia

29 March
31 December

Events in the Gobeia Natural Park:


To carry out the following two activities, it is necessary to collect the map and the bag of material at the Parketxe which must be returned once the activity is finished.


  • Orienteering and trail activity to promote mountaineering in the Arraba countryside.
  • Nature treasure hunt around the wetland of Saldropo.


Self-guided routes:

Itineraries of different length and difficulty, designed for people who like walking and the mountains. These are self-guided routes that you can do on your own at any time. You can pick up the map and directions at the Parketxe or request them by mail or telephone.


Ascent to the Cross

  • Traditional route to climb to the top of Mount Gorbeia (1481m).


Diversity of ecosystems

  • A flat and easy route to get an overview of the Gorbeia Natural Park.


Ancient trades

  • Circular itinerary through which we will discover vestiges in the mountain such as old coal bunkers, lime kilns and refrigerators.


Magic entrance to Itzina

  • Itinerary to approach the Itzina Protected Biotope, from Pagomakurre to the eye of Atxulaur.


Circular route through Ubide

  • Circular route from the village to the summit of Mount Eneabe (782m) and back.


Along the Sintxita channel

  • Itinerary to enjoy with all the senses, from the Urigoiti district of Orozko.




Date: All year round.

Further information: gorbeia.parke.naturala@bizkaia.eus / 94 673 92 79

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