Santa Lucia Fair

Location Urretxu, Zumarraga

13 December

Santa Lucia Fair is to be held on December 13th in Zumarraga and Urretxu. This is one of the most important fairs taking place in Gipuzkoa. However, contests and exhibitions start the day before.


The Rioja Alavesa Wine Fair kicks off on December 12th in the evening. Iparragirre Square in the town of Urretxu becomes home to about 12 wineries with the intention to show and sell the last harvest wine. Many wine makers enter the 17th Rioja Alavesa Wine Contest, where five oenologists of renown will make up the jury. The fair goes on the following day. Stockbreeders, Basque farmers and the rest of the traders on Santa Lucia day get ready for 8am. An exhibition of horses and other species can be found in Urdaneta Street (Zumarraga), whereas La Salle-Legazpi schoolyard houses different types of farming machinery.


As for extraordinary markets, the organisers arrange several stalls in Euskadi Square (Zumarraga), with reineta apples, vegetables, fruit, handicrafts and Basque products such as honey, bread, cheese and talo (Basque food consisting of cornmeal and water). Those who visit Gernikako Arbola Square (Urretxu) will have the chance to purchase fruit, vegetables and Basque products. There, Gipuzkoa's Association of Apiculture will hold the Region's Honey Contest. What's more, Areizaga-Jalebarren (Zumarraga), will house the Hen and Capon Competition.


In Iparragirre Street (Urretxu) and Nueva Avenida de Urretxu Avenue and Trintxera building (Zumarraga) and in Euskadi Square, many stands will be distributed with all sorts of handicrafts. Apart from the dozens of exhibitions, musicians will flood the streets of both towns. Txistularis (tabor pipe players), bands and trikitilaris (players of trikitixa, two-row Basque diatonic button accordion) will go over the streets livening up the atmosphere. Ederrena pelota Court, in Urretxu, will prepare an exhibition of rural sports such as pelota contests among professionals and "gizon-proba" (stone dragging by men traction).

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