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The singularity of Holy Week in Gipuzkoa

  • Nazarenes participating in Segura's children procession

The singularity of Holy Week in Gipuzkoa

Despite being few in number, Gipuzkoa towns celebrate Holy Week in style as they keep alive processions commemorating Christ's martyrdom. 

Coastal Hondarribia is one of the towns that most attracts audiences. During the processions taking place on Holy Friday, Nazarenes accompany in silence 10 statues representing the passion and the death of Jesus. While 10am mass is being held on Sunday and right after the Procession of the Encounter with the Risen Christ, the old paved streets become stage for the fall of the Roman soldiers. Once mass concludes the soldiers stand up pretending to rise from the dead and parade down the streets brandishing spears and swords the other way round. 

Outstanding among the series of activities organised in Azkoitia on this occasion is the Via Crucis created by Peñaflorida earl and Father Kardaberaz. The procession of the holy burial on Holy Friday evening is also remarkable. The tomb of Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows are carried through the streets, accompanied by candles and frankincense to the beat of the armatus and Chopin's Funeral March. The statues and sculptures that are carried down the streets on Friday are borrowed from the churches on Wednesday. 

Seriousness, silence and devotion are the processions' remarkable features in Segura. On Thursday, a religious march made up of fourteen "pasos" (religious floats and sculptures), of which four persons perform with the crew. Penitents, Nazarenes, Roman soldiers and txistularis (Basque flute players) walk from the Town Hall to the church, where a mass is held before Jesus is locked in and the mayor hangs the key around his neck. While Jesus is trapped, 30-minute shifts are carried out watching over him. The penitents, Nazarenes and Roman soldiers together with angels, the Church and Town Council representatives bring up the rear of the procession on Holy Friday. Saint Michael marks out dance steps along the way.

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Place: Hondarribia, Azkoitia y Segura / Azkoitia / Hondarribia / Segura
Date: 11/04/2022 - 24/04/2022