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The charming villages tour

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Home: Balmaseda
Finish: Leintz-Gatzaga

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If you are looking for historic and charming villages, you mustn't miss out on this picturesque adventure in the interior of the Basque Country. You will explore a land rich in tradition, in which Basque culture can be seen in its rawest form and where time gently ticks by. We will take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages, visiting towns which, sheltered by the inland mountains and valleys, have preserved their historic legacy intact.

  • Salinas de Añana
  • The charming villages tour

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Things you will remember

  • Oñati, known as the 'Basque Toledo', and the Arantzazu sanctuary.
  • Hear people speaking in Euskera, the Basque Country's native tongue.
  • Centuries of history contained in walled towns.
  • Charming villages that fuse with valleys and mountains.
  • Small hermitages which add character to the Basque rural landscape.
  • The Salt Valley, where thousands of years of tradition live on.
  • Bicycle and walking treks along the Basque mountains and valleys.
  • Taste the Basque Country's most traditional cuisine.


  • Choose a place to stay from the wide range of rural hotels and guesthouses.
  • Stroll along the paths in the Basque natural parks.
  • Visit the Tolosa market, which is held every Saturday.
  • The Corpus Christi party in Oñati at the end of spring.
  • Check out Durango's buzzing cultural programme.
  • The fiesta de la Putxera in Balmaseda which is held on 23rd October.