Altxerri Caves

Altxerri Caves

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Altxerri caves belong to a series of prehistoric caves located in the Gulf of Biscay, together with Ekain, Santimamiñe and Isturitz. They are situated on the eastern slope of Beobategaña Mountain.

At a meeting in Quebec, UNESCO included Altxerri (Aia) on the list of World Heritage Sites in July 2008, together with Santimamiñe (Kortezubi) and Ekain (Deba-Zestoa), as well as another twelve sanctuaries containing cave paintings in the Cantabrian coast.

The present entrance and the natural one open in an almost vertical cut. The cave is open in limestone rocks, properly stratified.

The cave hosts engravings and paintings. The formers are well kept but the latter are very damaged. Damp has damaged the paint. That is why Altxerri caves are closed to the public and only prehistorians who prove to be researchers by showing their publications, as well as collaborators are allowed to visit them.

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Barrio Ubegun - 20809 Aia
Artistic style
Cave paintings and engravings
Magdalenian era (13,000-12,000 BC)