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Aralar Megalithic Site

  • Aralar Megalithic Site
  • Aralar Megalithic Site

Aralar Megalithic Site

Aralar Natural Park houses a significant megalithic collection located in a spot full of oak and beech trees surrounded by large pasturelands. The grazing lands cover the area of both Gipuzkoa and Navarre. In fact, the first dolmen in Gipuzkoa was discovered in this range back in 1879 and subsequently the first megalithic prospecting started up.


Don Joxe Miguel Barandiaran was responsible for researching Aralar's many archaeological sites, a well as different legends and myths originated in this range.


Eighty megaliths are located and listed in Aralar range nowadays, of which 30 are found in Gipuzkoa and 50 in the Autonomous Community of Navarre. Dolmens, menhirs, burial mounds and stone circles complete the Gipuzkoa region that has been declared Regional Heritage.


Most of the heritage monuments are found in the western area of Aralar, in the lands belonging to Gipuzkoa's towns such as Zaldibia, Amezketa, Abaltzisketa, Lazkao and Ataun.


Climbing Auza Gaztelu from Amezketa or Zaldibia, in Ausokoi pass we will find the homonym dolmen and in its surroundings, Atauru Gañe menhir. A series of dolmens are situated in this place and on the way towards Uidui area, among which the most remarkable ones are as follows: Aranzadi's, Arraztagaña's, Jentilarri's, Argarbi's, Uidui's, Zearragonena's and Uelogoena's.


Close to these dolmens is located Supitaitz menhir, and gaining access to the area of Alotza lying in the middle of the fields we will find the beautiful menhir known as Saltarri. On the other hand, Irazustako Lepoa is located out of this area.

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Megalithic Site


Parque Natural de Aralar (Alto de Lizarrusti)  -   Abaltzisketa

Phone:   +34 943 18 03 35 (Interpretation Centre and Nature Park Reception Aralar)Phone:  

+34 943 18 03 35 (Interpretation Centre and Nature Park Reception Aralar)

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Prehistory (Chalcolithic, Copper Age)