Arditurri Mines

Arditurri Mines

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The Arditurri Mines are located at the heart of the Aiako Harria Nature Reserve, in Oiartzun. Aiako Harria, the oldest geological formation in the Basque Country, is characterised by its variety or rocky materials and spectacular orography.

The slow process of formation commenced in the Palaeozoic era and continues to this day. The mines were first exploited in the days of the Roman Empire, although remains found nearby suggest that mining may have commenced even earlier.

The Arditurri mines are among the very few in Spain that have been exploited for over 2,000 years almost without interruption. Nowadays visitors can choose from a variety of guided tours, including special sound and light effects, and take a thrilling journey through the history of Arditurri. There are also a number of interesting excursions to nearby places.

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